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Kyambogo University is desirous of providing sustained high academic and professional training in the fields of Education, Business, Management, Procurement management, Communication and Technology.  The University is not only cognisant of the need for manpower training and development in these fields but also of the high demand for further training by the graduates who may be in positions of high authority with regard to management of procurement and logistical functions of their organisations.

The project for Institutional Support for Strengthening Public and Private procurement in Uganda (NPT) initiated the development of this programme as one of its output areas, and participated in the the programme content development through a joint collaboration between the various subject expert professors from Northern consortium, mainly from the Netherlands and Lecturers identified from the school at Kyambogo University. 

The school therefore proposes to introduce the above Post Graduate Programme leading to the award of a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MSc SCM) which shall be housed and run by the Department of Procurement, marketing & Supply Chain management.


The post Secondary education in developing countries is going through rapid changes in the wake of the current economic reforms taking place in the countries. These reforms have led to an increase of demand for highly qualified and well-trained labour force to take up the challenge posed by technological developments all over the world. However, this demand has not been matched with an increase in competence in business skills especially within the procurement and supply profession.

The field of supply chain management has become tremendously important to companies globally, in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. As corporations strive to focus on core competencies and become more flexible in trying to integrate supply and demand management within and across companies through working as manufacturers, retailers, consulting firms, third party service providers, supply chain success, to a very large extent, will be the main focus in making the right decisions. Organizations increasingly find that they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks, to successfully compete in the global market and networked economy. The importance of properly executing those decisions is a major challenge in today’s competitive world. The managers responsible for their companies’ supply chain activities; educators and management consultants need to keep current with the latest supply chain trends. 

Admission to the Programme shall be done in accordance with Kyambogo University Postgraduate admissions and special faculty regulations  

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the programme on possession of:

A first degree of at least a lower second in either Procurement and supply chain management or

A related qualification from a recognized institution and a professional qualification in the area of Purchasing and Supplies management or Procurement, or

A first degree and a post graduate Diploma in procurement, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Inventory Management and Stores and Warehousing. 



The programme shall be a full time programme, lasting for four (4) semesters.

The student shall be required to undertake a problem based research project in the area of in any area of his/her specialisation in his/her fourth semester. The students shall present the research project and defend it.


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