welcome to School of Management and Entrepreneurship

Kyambogo University is desirous of providing sustained high academic and professional training
in the fields of Education, Business, Management, Communication and Technology. The
University is not only cognisant of the need for manpower training and development in these
fields but also of the high demand for further training by the graduates who may be in positions
of high authority with regard to management of organisations and more specifically the supply
chain management and innovations. The MOP programme will prepare students to assume
responsibility of effective organization and public policy management in their career paths in
The programme will ensure quality products through moulding of students' attitudes by instilling
the right attitudes in them, equipping them with the best human resource practice and by
equipping them with the ability to interpret legal regulation of administrative processes.
It is for these reasons that the Department of Business Studies proposes to introduce the above
Post Graduate Programme. The programme leading to the award of a Master of Science in
Organization and Public Sector Management(MOP) shall be housed and run by the
Department of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship .

Admission to the Programme shall be done in accordance with Kyambogo University post graduate admissions regulations

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the programme on possession of:

A first degree of at least a lower second in any field or

A related qualification from a recognized institution and a professional qualification in the area of Purchasing and Supplies management or Procurement, or

A first degree and a post graduate Diploma in any field.

Chartered institute of purchasing and Supplies (CIPS); Chartered institute of logistics & Transport (CILT) or Dutch Association for Purchasing management (NEVI).

Programme Objectives

The overall objective of the programme is to train and equip students with adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to:

  1. Develop analytical-decision making skills so that they can be able to identify and diagnose problems, formulate alternative solutions and make rational and ethical decisions.
  2. Promote leadership skills so as to successfully communicate and interact with diverse stakeholders; capable of using relevant technology.
  3. Develop appropriate systems and management practices effective in the socio-economic and cultural context.
  4. Undertake Organisational problem-based research in field of organization and public policy management.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme students should be able to:

  1. apply modern administrative and management principles and best organisational practices
  2. promote efficient  internal and external public management
  3. promote skills in accountability of resources 
  4. create awareness and appreciation of good governance
  5. manage workplace environment through promotion of effective supervision of subordinates
  6. identify and appreciate the challenges involved in national and international sector environment.
  7. develop a comprehensive understanding of analytical techniques applicable to organization administration and management.


The programme shall be a 2 (Two year) full time programme, lasting for four (4) semesters. A semester shall be approximately 17 weeks.

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