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Given the ever-changing and the increasing role of the procurement function both nationally and internationally, it is necessary to have a continuous curriculum review process to match the ever-changing role of the procurement function.

There has been a growing demand for procurement personnel at an operational level in recent years in Uganda. It is believed that this course will facilitate the filling of this gap in this respect by giving chance to various persons to acquire the necessary skills.

With the alignment of the curriculum, there has been an introduction of the bachelors/Diploma/ Masters degrees, thereby creating a need for demarcating the borders for each category to avoid overlap.

Target Group

The programme shall target the students with ‘A’ Level Certificates, Diploma holders in other fields, Degree holders, Certificate holders, from recognised institutions of higher learning and persons who have passed Mature Age Examination and those already engaged in the procurement function and would like to improve their competencies

Admission to the Programme

  • Admission to the programme shall be done in accordance to the University Regulations
  • A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the programme on meeting the following requirements:

One Principal pass and two subsidiaries in either Science or Arts subjects or its equivalent

Weighting Criteria


Subject category           SubjectWeight
Essential SubjectsEconomics or Maths or Entrepreneurship3
Relevant SubjectsTwo best-done subjects2
Desirable SubjectsOthers1

(b) Must pass the University Mature Age Entrance Examination.  OR

(c) A Certificate or Diploma or a Degree from a recognized Institution.



The programme shall be a fulltime undertaking.  The programme shall last for four (4) semesters, or the equivalent of two Academic Years. A semester shall be seventeen (17) weeks: fifteen (15) weeks being for teaching and two (2) weeks for examination.

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