welcome to School of Management and Entrepreneurship

After running the Programme for over 9 years now, the School of Management and Entrepreneurship found it necessary to integrate Administration and Secretarial Components and to enrich key areas such as Information Communications Technology (ICT), Accounting and Corporate Secretarial Practice. Therefore a number of necessary modifications in the Programme structure and content have been made to reflect sufficient knowledge and skills in Administration, Management, Secretarial Studies, Public Sector Accounting and Management, and Information Communication Technology.  Supervised internship has been introduced, to be done during the recess term. This would enable the University to produce balanced Administrators, Personal Assistants, and Mobilizers.

The programme shall be housed and run by the Department of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship.

Admission to the First Year

Admission to the programme shall be done in according with the University Regulations

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the programme on meeting the following requirements:

(a) Two Principal Passes in either Science or Arts subjects or its equivalent, including a language

OR (b)   Must pass the University or NCHE Mature Age Entrance Examination

OR (c)   Must possess a Diploma or a Degree from a recognized Institution



The programme shall be a full-time undertaking.  The programme shall last for six semesters, or the equivalent of three Academic Years.  A semester shall be seventeen (17) weeks with fifteen (15) weeks being for teaching and two (2) for examinations.  The duration of the Recess Term shall be ten (10) weeks. The timing of the Academic year shall be arranged in two (2) semesters as follows:

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